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It. Some make or break. Others take and losers fake.

I was reading some Peter Kim recently and he had a post about taxonomy of content that I really liked.

Instead of the classic Forrester ladder – he breaks it down into those who make it, break it, and take it (also fake it). I’m drawn to this model because deep inside I’m a simple man.  I like things that rhyme, it’s easy for me to visualize and perhaps the biggest reason is that it gives me an out.

Yep, an out.  His breakdown helps me to know that I don’t have to be awesome like he is (crazy but true).   Because I’m the guy that reads stuff like Peter’s (insert any other A list blogger) and am fully wow’d by the thought and ability to time and time again stand at the plate and make solid contact. Not always homeruns, but rarely striking out.  So he gives me hope.

His post is pithy, so I won’t quote it but check it out.

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Bringing it back. Acoustic. And Wonderful

I saw this video from a tweet by Jason Calacanis and I love it!  This is PS22 Chorus a group of 5th graders up in New York.  Check them out here .  In addtion to Eye of the Tiger, they also do “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga – quite the variety.  The videos are awesome!

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I’m at Social Fresh in Charlotte

I’m here in Charlotte, NC for the freshness that is Social Fresh aka @sofresh #sofresh

David Armano is keynoting aka @armano and Olivier Blanchard @thebrandbuilder is covering Social Media ROI and Spike Jones @spikejones of Brains on Fire @brainsonfire is talking about…something awesome, so it’s safe to say they are bringing it as well as reps from  Best Buy, Rubbermaid and IBM.

I’ll tweet during, but following the hashtag #sofresh will get you lots of great content too.

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7 Steps to using Google Voice on your Desktop (Mac)

I got my Google Voice invite about a month ago. I think the service is intriguing so I was excited to see the email in my inbox.  First you have to pick a number  – this was a big deal to me since they don’t offer number portability, yet.   I decided to select an 865 (Knoxville, TN) number even though my mobile is a 513 (Cincinnati, OH) number.  After number selection I started playing around with the web app and what not but I pretty much just left it as it was.

Then I found out there was an iPhone app – not fully official but still available.  Then Google released official BlackBerry and Android apps that can take over the native dialer and sms function with the promise of an iPhone in the pipeline.  This was like a fresh roll of cotton candy to my eyes as I LOVE synergy.  If I’m going to use Google Voice, I want it be be as native as possible.  Then the whole FCC Google, AT&T, Apple fiacso got rolling and all possibility of that was shelved for a bit. Although I did download the non official Google Voice app via Cydia which the developer Sean Kovacs released amazingly for free.

Addtionaly, I did some checking and I got my Google Voice up and running on the desktop with a couple of tricks.  First from this article I installed a Firefox extension, but honestly it didn’t do what I was hoping.

So I figured Fluid would be the way to go.  For those uninitiated, Fluid is a program that creates site specific browsers, i.e. creates launchable applications out of browser based web apps.  I currently use it for CoTweet, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader.  I’ve never encountered any odd systemic failures but it goes without saying that you try this at your own risk.

So here’s a bit of a tutorial of sorts to add Google Voice with Growl and Javascript icon notifications.  Props to the developer who created the script to make this Google Voice magic happen, all of this information is adapted from his original post here. If you’re already familiar with adding userscripts to Fluid apps you can get the script here – for everyone else.  Read on.

Prior to this step you’ll have needed to download and installed Fluid and then created an app for Google Voice.  Use the URL “” and the PNG for the icon here.  You’ll also need Growl running for notifications.

All photos will enlarge when clicked for details.

Step 1: Browse for userscripts from within the Fluid app you created (mine is called G Voice)

This will open a new window you’ll search in.

1 - Browse userscript

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List of twitter accounts for Social Media Business Council enterprise presenters

(EDIT: props to Andy for quickly replying to my email with a bigger and better logo)

Thanks to Andy Sernovitz (Blog | Twitter)  and GasPedal – the Social Media Business Council they do these awesome video case studies on social media in the enterprise.  They’ve been a great resource to learn more about what other large companies are doing in social and how they are using it.  If you’re like me and just getting into social for a bigger company – watch some of these videos!

Because I’d like to continue to learn and engage with the folk from brands like Dell, SAP, Wells Fargo,  Intuit, Microsoft,  GE, Nokia, Tyson, Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, Molson, P&G, Cisco, Walmart, Intel and UPS I’ve gone through and pulled the names and twitter accounts for each of the speakers (that I could find).  In most cases they are either responsible for strategy or implementation of social media at their enterprise – either way they are great examples of companies (and individuals) who are doing it well.

Follow them and learn –  I know I am.

Btw – this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of all social/emerging media professionals at the enterprise level.  I’d check out Jeremiah’s list here – and his blog is THE resource for the business of social/emerging media.

List is in no discernible order.

Lionel Menchaca, Dell

Mark Yolton, SAP

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