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Idea wall

Just one of the ways I collect ideas (I also am a whiteboard guy to sketch and outline plans). As much as I love technology there is something about the tactile feel of a post it note as the idea rushes from your head, gains wings and lands on the paper. Like a modern day alchemist it grows from a thought to an idea as soon as it lands on the note. For me, ideas become possible once they are written down.

What about you, what do you use?

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A fork stuck in the road.


Last week I made a new life transition.  I’ve started a new job with Ruby Tuesday as the Social Media Manager.  To be completely candid – a large(r) public company was one of the last places I thought I’d end up after my time at Abunga came to a close.  However after learning about the company culture and the values they hold near and dear to success, the opportunity began to look like a promising possibility.  A couple of meetings later and I accepted.  And it’s incredibly exciting to lead the development of the social strategy and program for such a well known brand and one of the first (if not the first) in the restaurant industry to adopt and invest in social for the enterprise. Not to mention I’m joining a grouping of some incredibly talented people across the globe.  (Jeremiah Oywang has a list of those in this role or roles similar).


more importantly I’ve joined an incredible group of creative and passionate people who are primed to make some change.

So needless to say, I’m excited.  We’ll be rolling out some awesome interactive changes, updates, and fun as the team I’ve joined has already planned some great stuff so keep your eyes peeled.  And as always, feel free to hit me up with questions, suggestions or thoughts.  Plans are still being formed but look for significant changes on the blog, facebook and twitter front.

In spirit of #followfriday – here is the team

Angie Heig @aheig
Andrew Becks @andrewbecks
Ryan Bridges @rsbridges
Tim Furmaniak @furmaniak
Regina Kirkpatrick @rkilpatrickr
Diana Lennox @dianalennox
Catherine OBrion @cobrion

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