Greenlight means Go! – Empowered Email Marketing Is Born

Greenlight-Logo-tag-1-300x87“Email marketing has to be easier for people.”  That was the thought that sparked the creation of a company specializing in email marketing services.  I’d talked to too many people who had trouble figuring out what to say in their company emails, or when they tried it found it technically difficult to get all of the formatting to line up the way they wanted.

So Greenlight Email Marketing was born to take your problems out of email marketing.  Read the rest of the story over at the Greenlight blog.

If you missed the creation of Baker Labs, then you’ll want to read Baker Labs is born


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Let’s Talk About Virtual Assistants aka VA’s

Everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do it.  So I’ve been on a search to find help on some of those tasks.  I’ve tried a few different things and thought I’d share them all here.
1) – US
2) Fancy Hands – US based
3) Your Virtual Workers – Philippines based.
I signed up for Zirtual because I wanted more of an “assistant” feel – responding and scheduling meetings, expenses, etc. Unfortunately my ZA (zirtual assistant) was not very good. She was super friendly, recent college grad, but boy did it take her forever to get stuff done. On top of that was the time change – only one time did she actually do something helpful. My expectations may have been off, but it was a tough go. The nice part is you do have one assistant so you can begin to share life/tasks with them or have people call/email that they get. My plan was a few hundred $$ a month. Frustrating for sure – an east coast based assistant may have made all the difference.
Love these guys, you pay for a certain number of tasks and then you submit them to their ticketing system. AFAIK they are still mostly US based assistants. The results on research and tasks I got were phenomenal. I don’t say it lightly, I one had them find an old record player for a christmas gift and they sent me an email brief with 5 on ebay and why each was different. That task cost me $5. The downside is that you never get the same person, so it’s more of a task completion service than a dedicated assistant.  They have added some nice features like personalization, e.g. my assistant is which is nicer then adding to an email with other people.
At any level of service they do give you free scheduling and reminders of appointments.  They also have a pretty awesome iPhone app.  However they won’t do anything that requires payment or purchasing.
This is who I currently use.
The biggest upside is that they are cheap – $4/hr and the same person. So there are a few repeating tasks that once I’ve explained them, Jenny was great at completing (without having to figure out the task again). Jenny, my VA is great at doing specific tasks, but more than that required far more details then I gave. e.g. I asked her to copy an existing web form on a website, the form had three pages and she only copied the first one.  I’m sure some of it’s me, more than them.  Additionally you can get them to do more tech-friendly tasks, like PSD to WordPress Templates, or HTML Email formatting.
But I’ve had other people tell me they loved their Philippines based assistant I guess it’s just like anything, you’ve got to find one that works for you.
Overall, getting help is great and necessary to keep moving forward.  Unfortunately, sometimes the things you’d like to outsource are the hardest to get help with.


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Marketing Training in Knoxville – Baker Labs is born

One of the things I enjoy is helping people make the most of social media and technology to market their business here in Knoxville.  I like to get into the details and help businesses connect with their customers with social media.

Baker Labs Marketing and Social Media Training

So Baker Labs is born.  I’m going to be offering training classes on social media and digital marketing, on topics like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email marketing, online advertising etc. focused on achieving real business growth for participants. Class titles include: “Facebook and Twitter for Business Use”, “How to Maximize Email Marketing for your Customers“, and “Making Online Advertising (Facebook, Google and Banners) Work for You.”

Join me for a class.

My first class is “How to Maximize Email Marketing for Your Customers” and it is next week, I’d love to see you there.

If you don’t see the class you want, tell me what you’d like to learn about and I may add it.


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I’m on Cloud 9 – Claris Networks

Yammer recently sold to Microsoft and I shared my views on what that means for users on the Claris Networks Cloud 9 blog.

Read the rest of the post on Yammer + Microsoft on the Cloud 9 blog.

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Down with GearPatrol

One of my favorite sites is, because well, they post all kinds of amazing things that I like. Like cars, packs, paddles and tech toys.

Here are a few of my favorites.  All photos are from

These Whiskeyjack Paddles are gorgeous.

This interview with the founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather is pretty awesome.

Here’s a fun little review of the 2012 Audi S4

So if you’re into such things as I am – you may want to mosey your way over to Gear Patrol.

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